“I love San José. This is a great place to grow up and raise a family. San José and this district have been like family members to me throughout my life.

But we are at an inflection point. There are major issues that aren’t being addressed — crime, homelessness, affordable housing, blight — and you can only complain for so long before doing something about it. If not me, then who? Who’s going to get involved, be invested enough and love this city enough to see it become what it ultimately can become?”

George was raised by this city and this district.

George grew up in Santa Teresa and lived in Almaden for 35 years. He’s now raising his kids in the West Santa Teresa Foothills. He moved to District 10 at the age of 5 and went to Santa Teresa Elementary, then Bernal Intermediate and then on to Bellarmine, where George excelled in sports and built a life-long appreciation of how strong communities bring out the best in each of us.

George graduated from Santa Clara University and then earned his law degree at Santa Clara Law — along with a master’s degree in Urban Planning from San José State and a master’s degree in Real Estate from UC Berkeley.

George’s father grew up in the Jim Crow South and his mother was a religious minority in Iran — and they made sacrifices to give him a better life and better opportunities here in San José. 

Family has always been the most important thing in George’s life, and he’s raising his kids right here in District 10 — on the very same streets he grew up on.

After working at a major law firm, he joined the start-up world as a senior counsel and began to serve the people of San José as a Planning Commissioner — where he has fought for sensible decisions that create the new housing we need without destroying the character of our beautiful neighborhoods. He’s always been curious about cities, the built environment, and urban sprawl — and wants to be at the forefront of helping the city reach its full potential.

Like so many of us, George knows we need to fight harder to make San José work better for us. We send our tax dollars to City Hall. We deserve a city government that is listening to us — responding to our needs — and making the change we need to create a brighter tomorrow. 

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